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Hey, Pictures friends, fans, and family!!! Hard to know where to start! It’s been a crazy holiday season, which we are very Thankful for, and we are barely done eating leftovers! (Ok, we’re still eating leftovers lol). Just want to…

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Busy at work booking holiday parties, wedding and special events, so will be back soon with the blog! :)










 Summer is Here! Hey, everyone! It’s been a killer spring and things just keep getting better - back to work and it feels so good! This has been a really exciting April, we’ve had loads of FUN, tons of great…

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The Pictures Band March 17, 2022 Hey, Pictures friends, fans, and family! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope everyone is wearing their appropriate green for good luck! Haven’t updated in a bit, so just want to fill y’all in on what’s…

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Hey, Pictures friends, fans, and family! We hope everyone has recovered from the Thanksgiving craziness just in time for the Winter holiday craziness!! :D We’ve been blessed to be busy this fall and looking forward to some upcoming events as…

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